Friday August 14th, 2015

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose which have something to do with: wildfires.

So... yeah. Wildfires around Rock Creek have destroyed the campground we went to with Max, forced evacuations, and closed the only highway heading east from Osoyoos.

Wildfires between here and Keremeos have closed the only highway heading west from Osoyoos.

Wildfires to the north and south of Oliver... have not yet closed the only highway heading north from Osoyoos.

Oh yeah, there's also a wildfire raging just across the border to the south.

Feeling a little trapped at the moment. And wondering if I just spent a day preparing for a farmers market that I won't be able to get to. I guess we'll see what's going on with the Oliver fires in the morning.

Maybe if this wind dies down and the lightning stops, oh, I dunno, striking all over the place, I'll stand a chance of getting there.

Fun alternative option: the highway is open in the morning but is closed after I get through and I'm trapped in Penticton until they open something up again.



There are so many resources being set against the eager flames. Men, women, trucks, helicopters, water bombers. The mind boggles at the expense of it all.

And all this because he forgot to put out a tiny little innocent campfire... woopsies!


Greg said...

Uh... did Hell open a new circle directly around you? That doesn't sound like very pleasant countryside at the moment; I hope the fires die down or come under control fairly quickly. And that you don't end up stuck in Penticton worrying about Max and Kat!
On the positive side though, at least you got to use the campsite with Max before the fire so you got the benefits of it :) And if the fires continue like this you'll be able to barbecue things just by opening a window and holding them outside – no more messing around with charcoal and grills and all that messy stuff!
Hmm, well, there's a hint of humour in your prose at least, so I'm glad you've kept that :)

"We're the W-I-L-D-F-I-R-E-S, Wildfires! What do we do?"
"Set fire to the opposing team's cars, changing rooms and mascot and then petition the referee to give us the win by default," chorused the boys.
"Exactly," said the coach, beaming at them.

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, that sounds like a pretty accurate description of the scene that night.

Hah, that is quite the... uh, cheering(?) squad. Sounds effective though!