Friday August 28th, 2015

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose that have something to do with: colorful language.

I spent a lot of harvesting time today within earshot of the guys working on the new house. That's all I have to say about that and the prompt.

Not a great pick today, but hopefully there will be enough of various different things to make for a decent market tomorrow. Also keeping my fingers crossed that if it does rain then people still come out and enjoy the fresh air and produce - it's been long enough that it shouldn't be a reason to stay indoors. As far as I'm concerned, anyway.

A breeze started up mid-morning, which seems like the first time the air's moved in a week. At first it just pushed the old, stale smoke away and replaced it with fresh, new smoke. But by this evening I was able to see the furthest I have seen since this whole mess started.

Hoping for some more wind and a little bit of rain the next couple of days to fully clear out the valley.


"Don't even start, I'm not in the mood for this silver."

"Are you brownsilvering me?"

"I'm dead serious, aquamarine. If you don't drop it I will fuchsia you up."


Greg said...

Drat. Can you delete the first version of this post please, so that the links work right for readers?

It sounds like you won't be taking Max out within earshot of the guys working on the house then!
Good luck with the market, the wind and the rain. I hope they're all in manageable proportions :)
Hah, I will fuschia you up is a great line; nice use of the prompt overall. Though it was your prompt, so I guess we should expect that... :-P

Colourful language
"Hey bro, I reckon this tan is an all over Leather Satchel, right?"
"Bro... bro, Dulux ain't cool. This is a Pantone manor. You're clearly an 18-1438."

Marc said...

Greg - consider it gone :)

Thanks! Yeah, when I thought of the fuchsia line I just had to figure out what else I was going to write to fill up the required space :P

I have to admit to being a little confused by yours. But it is also late and I am very tired, so that's probably on me. I'll have another look at this one when my brain is a little more... functional.

Greg said...

It is a little obscure :) Dulux offer paint cards with various colours given evocative names, such as Leather Satchel (you can look it up on the their website). However, any designer will tell you that Pantone is the preferred way to specify colours for printing (generally, there can be exceptions), and you may look up 18-1438 on their website to see what colour that is.
As for the rest, well, I figured if you can have estates where you have to wear the right branded clothing, or own the right breed of dog, or support the right hocky team, then why not go a little more middle-class with it all and demand that you have the right choice of representing colours?