Tuesday August 11th, 2015

The exercise:

Write two haiku about something that is: false.

Spent the morning rototilling the paths in the garden. Pretty sure that's where this headache originated.

Ran a couple of errands in town after lunch. Spent far too long trying to get Max to sleep after dinner. And that was about my day.

Back to harvesting for the Wednesday night market tomorrow.


They are real to me,
so I shall treasure all of
these false memories

*     *     *

She lures her victims
with coy smiles; too late they find
her teeth in a glass


Greg said...

What does rototilling the paths do? Because you call it a garden I immediately assume that a path is a set of (probably concrete) flags laid down to allow you access to the various parts of it, but when I remember that you're actually talking about fields, it occurs to me that you might just mean unplanted earth.
I definitely like your first haiku this week for making something oddly positive about a negative event :)

In Winter's embrace,
There is no cake. Only the
Laughter of the damn'd

It shines like the sun
Enticing the gullible.
So many die here.

morganna said...

Sunset light gleams on
Old neon, giving life to
Signs one last moment.

The dog seems friendly.
But only 'cause I'm on foot.
On a bike, watch out.

Anonymous said...

These words you tell me
Are naught but deadly venom.
They kill me slowly.

The smiles on my sleeves
Are a ruse crafted for you.
Take your punishment.

Marc said...

Greg - it just clears out the paths between the vegetables. They tend to get overgrown with weeds pretty quickly and it is much faster than doing it by hand or by hoe. Makes movement easier, as well as weeding around the actual vegetables a little more manageable.

I am deeply intrigued by your second haiku. There is a story to be told there. Or two. Or three...

Morganna - that's a lovely image your first poem presents this week. I like it a lot.

Ivy - oof, two haiku with punch to them this week. I think I like your first best, but it's a tough call.