Friday August 21st, 2015

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: the cannibal.

Spent the day harvesting for tomorrow's market. Ended up with 20 bunches of carrots, 10 pints of cherry tomatoes, around 10 pounds of bigger tomatoes, some cucumbers and zucchini, and a few pints of both blackberries and raspberries. Kat's parents picked me 11 crates of Gala apples, a crate of Macintosh apples, and a partial crate of Honey Crisp apples. I'm also bringing a crate of ready to eat Bartlett pears, the leftover nectarines and peaches (less than a crate each), and some pickling cukes.

Did I forget anything? Oh yeah, onions. And garlic, as usual. Also: my cards and photography prints, as always.

Anything else? Probably. Oh! Corn. Kat's dad and brother picked 3 crates plus a bucket for me.

Pretty sure that's it. Maybe.

Should be a decent market. Doing it by myself, which will be interesting. Hoping a friend will drop by for a visit and to give me a brief break. Wish me luck!


I'm not quite sure how to say this. Well, I know the words I need to speak. I just... okay, here it goes.

"Sir, you've got something stuck in your teeth."


Greg said...

That sounds like a lot to sell, but I'm sure it'll go fairly quickly, it always sounds like it does! Have a good time :)
Heh, I was expecting that last line to be "...someone stuck between your teeth," but it made me laugh anyway. Thank-you :)

The cannibal
The three of them lay in the bottom of the lifeboat and overhead the sun beat down as it had every day for the last six; no clouds even dared the horizon.
"Draw lots," said Jeremy, eventually.
"To see who gets eaten?" asked Richard.
"No, to see who gets to eat you first."

Marc said...

Greg - glad you liked mine! That line came immediately to mind once I'd settled on the prompt :)

It would appear that Richard is not a very popular passenger. Or perhaps he's just the fattest...