Tuesday August 18th, 2015

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: the dealer.

Rebecca and her boyfriend finished packing up her things and headed out shortly after lunch today. It wasn't a proper goodbye (at least that is what I kept telling myself), as she'll be back in a couple of weeks to pick up her dog. She's leaving him at the ranch he's been staying at whenever she was working at the restaurant, since she'll be away in Ontario for a little while and she needs to get herself settled back into Vancouver. She figured it would be easier on him to come once all that is done, which I think makes sense.

Plus it also delays the goodbyes, so it's got that in its favor as well.

Started the harvest for tomorrow's market after dinner by getting going on the raspberries. I'll finish those off in the morning before shifting to the veggies I want to bring. Hopefully the early start will mean I have time to pick carrots for once.


He just wants to chat,
but all I want him to do
is deal the damn cards

*     *     *

Sure, I talk a lot.
But no one complains once they
get dope in their hands


Greg said...

If you want to make sure she comes back you should take small but valuable items out of her bag and hide them in Max's room (so that it looks like he did it to make her come back, which is (of course) "cute") :) Oh, and you might want to make sure that she doesn't read your blog or comment here :)
I like how you make it sound like the carrots only come out before dawn and can't be picked at any other time. I imagine they're nocturnal carrots now, growing in secrecy and trying to evade your wrathful trowel!
I like how you've connected your two haiku today, and shall deem them both equally excellent! (And just out of curiosity, but it feels like I've written two haiku with DEALER as an acrostic before; is that just me or are you reusing a prompt?)

The dealer
Clouds shroud summer sky,
Wheeler-dealers sell raincoats,
Levees break their banks.

Cherries ripen late,
Dealers bring them to market
But no-one will buy.

Marc said...

Greg - ah, too late for that now! If only I'd thought of it sooner...

Hah, no. The carrots just take a lot of time, what with the washing and bunching and having to get more when I see that some of the (now dirt free) carrots aren't nice enough looking to sell.

I think I like your first haiku best this week. As for the dealer acrostic... I've used 'the bet' and other similar prompts before that might fit. I can't remember any others exactly at the moment, but I did do a search before using this prompt and didn't find any previous usages.