Tuesday August 4th, 2015

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: the scam.

Not sure how I haven't used that as a prompt before.

I managed to make some more progress on weeding the new strawberry patch this morning, along with clearing out one of our rows of spring greens which have been overrun with big weeds for quite a while now. There's one more row like that to be taken care of and then the veggie garden will actually look pretty under control for once.

Max seems to be over his cold already, which is a relief. Also a relief? Nobody else seems to have caught it.


Give me your money
and all will be well - "all" as
in my bank account

*     *     *

I swear they are real.
Come on, you can trust your dear,
loving grandfather...


Greg said...

It sounds like your all getting used to Max's colds and are able to reject them! Either that or all that getting out in the fresh air and gardening really is good for you :) It certainly seems to be keeping you busy, at any rate.
Is now a good time to remind you that we're due a fly-by to Mars soon?
I think I prefer your second haiku this week, though it's definitely a close run thing. Both are quite entertaining.

The scam
Rain falls on Spring streets;
I invite tourists in to
Play 'Find the Lady'

Open-mouth'd they stare,
False cards raise hopes and empty
Full wallets. Lose – leave.

[A little more connected than I usually do, but the acrostic works, and I think the two haiku can (just) stand independently.]

ivybennet said...

I tried an acrostic haiku set for the first time. It's a lot harder than I thought it would be.

The Scam:

Last tear that I shed
Over you has come and gone.
Verity, it has.

End of my sorrow,
My sorrow that haunts my dreams?
End of life itself.

Marc said...

Greg - I think it was just a fairly minor cold. Either way, I'm glad it didn't spread like they usually do.

I think they can definitely stand on their own, but together they are obviously much improved. I am impressed with your work, whichever way I look at it :)

Ivy - yeah, the double limitations of haiku and acrostic are quite the handful. I'm pretty sure I've never tried to pull that one off myself.

In this case your acrostic makes your two haiku tremendously more powerful. Very good work here.