Friday August 7th, 2015

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose which have something to do with: eyelashes.

Don't ask. It's partially inspired by Max complaining about having an eyelash in his eye after dinner this evening. The rest of the inspiration is too convoluted to get into.

Hmm, the space bar on my laptop appears to be failing. Please no.

Getting up early for the market tomorrow, as we're being moved off Main Street for the annual Peachfest Parade. Which means unloading the truck upon arrival and then parking it elsewhere. So... good night.


Don't you bat those things at me. Even at this distance I can feel your lashes slashing into my skin. I will not forget what you have done to me, to my life.

Go find some other sucker - this one is done with you.


Greg said...

I hope you benefit from the parade, though I have a feeling that you've said that in previous years there are more people but fewer interested in buying things. Still, Max will probably enjoy the atmosphere of it all :)
I really like the line "your lashes slashing into my skin"; very evocative!

"New mascara?"
"Er... yes! How could you tell?"
"You're using toothpicks to hold your eyelids up, Jeannie."

Anonymous said...

I watched from the bed as she bent at an odd angle towards the mirror, her butt sticking deliciously outward. She took the—brush? Is that the word?—out of its holder and began to rub it against her eyelashes.
“You look so hot when you put your makeup on,” I muttered.
She smirked at me in the mirror but continued to lengthen her lashes, which wasn’t the only thing lengthening at the moment.

Marc said...

Greg - thanks! I think that's the only line of mine that I actually like in this one.

Hah, now *that* is one heckuva image :D

Ivy - a delightfully intimate moment, cheekily captured. Nice work :)