Saturday August 29th, 2015

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: oops.

Our farm is just east of Osoyoos. This morning I got all the way to the western edge of town before realizing that I'd forgotten the tomatoes and onions (normally they'd go on the truck Friday night but I thought it was going to rain overnight so I left them on the porch at Kat's parents place).

I may not have said oops but I'm not about to use what I actually said as a prompt.

I came back to get the forgotten produce and it ended up being worth my time, as I sold all of the cherry tomatoes and onions, along with about half of the bigger tomatoes.

I imagine that if it hadn't poured rain for over an hour during the (typically) busiest portion of the market I would have sold even more of them. More apples too, but I did okay with those. Oh well. We desperately needed the break from all this dryness so I'm not going to complain.

Too much.


Look at all the pretty pictures -
Oops, I meant to say art!
I just punched a hole in this one...
I guess that wasn't smart.


Greg said...

That's definitely an oops! moment, but at least you did realised while turning around and picking them back up again was an option. And since you sold them, it was clearly the right thing to do :) (And, ultimately, it didn't actually take you any longer than you'd planned to spend doing market stuff, you just did things you hadn't planned on doing. That's not a terrible outcome!)
Standing in the rain at the market for an hour doesn't sound like fun, but it's got to better that being smoked again all next week :)
Hah art rage this week! I'd love to know what's upset your narrator so much, but the denouement is hilarious!

Only when I'd dropped all twelve eggs
On the concrete floor,
Placing the mess in the customers' way, you
Shoved me out the door.

[That acrostic felt difficult this morning, but I got there in the end!]

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, I was annoyed but also glad that I could still go back and get them.

I'm impressed you managed to get an acrostic out of the four line poem prompt. Perhaps I should be more aware of using four letter prompts on Saturdays, just for you :)