Friday January 29th, 2016

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: the tailor.

Apologies, mine ended up being something that probably needed more than four lines. I did what I could with it anyway though.

Both jobs went well today. I am very tired now though, so I'll just get on with the show.


"The alterations you requested have been completed," the man behind the counter told me, his expression and tone combining to leave no doubts about how unimpressed he was.

"Don't be so grumpy, Pierre," I said as I reclaimed my suit. "You are being paid handsomely for your work - and discretion - after all."

"Not handsomely enough," he said, but he took the envelope stuffed with cash anyway... because of course he did.


Greg said...

It's good to hear that the jobs are going well! I hope this continues :)
Heh, Pierre seems like an interesting guy, I'd definitely like to know more about what he's tailored and it's eventual end use!

The tailor
"Hi, we both need suits."
The tailor looked at me and raised an eyebrow questioningly. "A suit for you and your horse, Sir?"
"...that's my brother."

Kyle said...

Nathan Waller is my name - or at least, that's the name on the sign out front, to which I answer with a smile.

I spend my days patching elbows and adjusting inseams, in this town of 500 or so; I've probably met everyone at least twice, but I haven't seen the people I'm interested in yet.

I know once I've been here long enough to be deemed "safe," someone from the local underground will show up to either intimidate me or bring me in.

Then I'll make a call back to HQ and blow that crime ring wide open.

Marc said...

Greg - I shall have to continue mine at some point, I think.

Heh. I think I might have liked it better if it had actually been a horse. This version is good too though :)

Kyle - ah, no one ever suspects the tailor. Or do they? I guess your narrator will find out one way or the other eventually :)