Tuesday January 26th, 2016

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: melting.

Max had very little interest in going to daycare this morning. I got him there eventually, and only had to stay a few extra minutes before he let me leave.

Max had even less interest in coming home from daycare this afternoon. Kat had to drag him out of there while he was crying. Because he was having so much fun and he wasn't ready to leave. He wants her to pick him up later next time.

I guarantee you by Thursday morning we'll be back to the not wanting to go stage of the daycare loop.



Ice cream vanishing,
flowing like cold, sugary
lava down my arm

*     *     *

Steady drip, drip of
icicles melting to death;
spring will be here soon


Greg said...

Max is clearly very focused on the now rather than the future. I'm sure that will serve him well eventually :) On the plus side, you're becoming inured to his complaints nice and early!
I think I like your second haiku better this week, though they both have strong imagery. The icicles appeal to me more than ice cream though.

Tears evaporate,
Eyes melt like wax in summer:
The blowtorch is fierce.

Frosty the snowman
Won a sunbed. He's Splashy
the Spring puddle now.

morganna said...

Dark water seeps out
Under the ice, glazing snow
With a sheen of death.

Snow melts, the ground warms
Junipers bloom, spring arrives,
Allergies on its heels.

ivybennet said...

Prompt: two haiku about melting
It was far too late
For the ice to have a chance.
Spring had just arrived.
With just one small look
Into his round, moss green eyes
Her knees became mush.

Marc said...

Greg - yup, he's all about the right now. The future doesn't exist for him, I don't think.

That first haiku makes me shudder. Your second makes me laugh. Splashy the Spring puddle wins the day this go around.

Morganna - I like both of yours and I'm having a hard time picking a favorite. Leaning slightly towards your second.

Ivy - tough choice between these two as well. I'll go with your first as my favorite, but it's very close.