Tuesday January 5th, 2016

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: snow angels.

Because Max and Natalie were making them the other day. And, now that I've got snow pants, I'll likely be making some with them soon.

Max returned to daycare today for the first time in... two and a half weeks, I believe. He was pretty reluctant when we told him that was where he was going, but he eventually warmed up to the idea. Well, enough for me to get him there.

I had to stick around for a while before he'd let me leave. But he did, eventually.

And then when his Aunt Becky dropped him off at home this afternoon he was excited to report that he'd had a good day and there were lots of new toys to play with and that they're learning about penguins this week.

So, you know, typical Max behaviour.


Snowflakes fluttering
down, like an army of snow
angels attacking

*     *     *

The soft swishing of
snowsuits against powdery
snow, drowned by laughter


Greg said...

I don't think I've ever made a snow angel, but I like the idea that they leave behind an imprint when they trip over, fall out of heaven and crash through the earth on their way to hell. That's what story the kids get told, right?
Max sounds like he's got a healthy respect for the unknown with his approach to Daycare :) And the penguins sound like fun, maybe you could get him one of them instead of a puppy!
I think I like your second haiku better this week, because if you hadn't told me about the snow angels first I'd have no idea what was going in on it!

Snow angels
When snow is good snow
It melts and goes to heaven
As a snow angel.

Snow angels steal souls –
When you stand up, your soul stays
And feeds the angel.

Anonymous said...

Marc, I like your first haiku the best. It was a slightly different take on the prompt and I really enjoyed snowflakes being compared to little angels falling.

Greg, I can't possibly pick between the two. Both of them are full of beautiful imagery and brilliant concepts.

Snow angels

Feathery wings of
Ice and snow spring forth from my
Flapping, outstretched arms.

Shadow of my soul
Is spread so delicately
Upon the white snow.

Marc said...

Greg - ah, no, I don't believe that's quite what we tell the kids :P

And he's already got a penguin teddy that's more than half his size. That'll do for now!

Hmm, can't pick between yours. Both great. Perhaps leaning slightly toward your second because, woo, that's dark :)

Ivy - thanks!

Love the image conveyed by your first haiku this week. Second one is pretty great too, actually, but your first is definitely my favorite this go 'round.