Tuesday January 12th, 2016

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: soccer.

Continuing on from yesterday's prompt inspiration.

This morning while Max was in daycare I borrowed the truck and brought a big load of firewood down to the house. Hopefully that'll last us for a while. Long enough for the snow to melt and the wheelbarrow to become a viable option again?

Probably not, but that would be nice.


Soccer? What are you
on about? You bloody Yanks!
It is called football.

*     *     *

The black and white sphere
travels in strange patterns. "Dad,
don't they want to score?"


morganna said...

Vicious little brats
Would kick their moms in the shin
And that's our own team!

Black and white ball flies
Over the field, hexagons
In motion, lovely.

Greg said...

@Morganna: I think I like your second haiku better today, for the way you evoke the movement of the ball. It's beautiful, exactly what you'd expect from a haiku.

@Marc: Did you wait for Max to be in daycare before you hauled lumber because he'd have insisted on 'helping' you otherwise? I like your second haiku better today too, though this time it's because of the last line. And there certainly are cases where a team doesn't want to score: if it's a two-leg match and they've won on goals in the first match, then a team might deliberately play a stalling game in order to not risk losing in the second leg. Unsporting, and boring, but it does happen!

Summer ends the league,
One team wins, three shall go down...
Cups fill my cupboards.

Cheers haunt the players,
Every game won – we cheated.
Roll on next season!

[It's been a while since I built an acrostic, but SOCCER has six letters so it would have been churlish to ignore it]

Anonymous said...

Running down the field,
Smelling the sweet, fresh cut grass:
This is my temple.

A white and black ball
Being passed from foot to foot:
My eternal love.

Marc said...

Morganna - I agree with Greg, your second one takes the win this week for me as well. Very nice.

Greg - yes, pretty much. Though he has gotten pretty good at unloading the wheelbarrow when I get it back to the house and stacking the wood in front. His stacking could still use some work, I suppose...

Indeed. I was thinking of those brutally boring matches when I wrote that one. I enjoy watching the highlights, because they capture all the exciting stuff that happens (goals and saves and what not). It's all the stuff in between that I usually can't be bothered with.

Ah, good to see your acrostic haiku return. Particularly like your second one this week :)

Ivy - that's a great pair of haiku. I really like your first one, as it paints a vivid, almost meditative scene.