Saturday January 30th, 2016

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about someone or something that is: shallow.

Almost out of January. Almost.

We organized our seed inventory for this year's garden this morning and Kat put in the order for what we need this evening while I was putting Max to bed. So spring's pretty much here, right?


He says that he is done,
That there is nobody left to save;
But we all know that he's
Buried his faith in a shallow grave.


Greg said...

That is a very nice poem today, the last line especially brings in a whole host of meaning and context. Great work in such a short space!
I guess if the seeds are coming in and you're starting to think about planting then it must be nearly Spring... unless there's another snowfall for you around the corner :)

A shallow grave for a shallow soul,
The dogs and foxes shall dig his hole.
The crows will eat his eyes and lights,
And his head shall hang from the lowest spike.

morganna said...

Just the right depth
For testing the waters with a toe
Considering the wisdom
Of learning to swim.

Marc said...

Greg - thank you!

That... does not sound like a pleasant end. Deserved though, it seems.

Morganna - that's a great take on the prompt, and beautifully executed too. Really like this one :D