Friday October 7th, 2016

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: the skeleton.

Had one last 9:30 to 1:30 shift at Public Works today. It went well, and I was kept busy enough that time sailed by quite quickly.

We finally told Max about Bailey just before dinner. He was a little upset, but mostly because he wants to have two dogs on the farm. When we told him Becky and Adam might be getting another one he got distracted by trying to decide what we should name it (Tractor was his choice, by the way).

He did have some questions, and I imagine more will be coming the first time he goes over to play with Natalie and Bailey isn't around.

Doing a short, help with the rush shift at the bakery tomorrow morning. Which probably means I should already be in bed.


The bones had been scattered throughout the meadow to the point that it took us nearly a week to realize that they belonged to the same creature. You could hardly blames us for that, really. Nothing of that size had ever been found before.

But once one had been discovered - once we knew what to look for - it did not take long to unearth the rest of the dragon skeletons.


Greg said...

Tractor's not a bad name for a dog... and it's definitely better than some of those he suggested for his brother :) Maybe you could name the dog "Tracker" which is pretty close and sounds more like a dog's name.

Hah, I think a lot of paleontology starts with not realising that various bones all belonged to the same creature, so your story today definitely rings true! Dragon skeletons though... is it really a good idea to dig up a dragons' graveyard?

The skeleton
The anatomy class was (appropriately) silent as the grave as Dr. Phelps went through his slides on the human skeleton and how to use it as a musical instrument. From time to time he would turn to the side where the plastic skeleton hung from its L-shaped stand and would rap a bone or pluck a rib to make a point. Finally one student, bolder than the rest, raised a hand and asked, "Dr. Phelps, what was your previous occupation?"
"Serial killer."

Marc said...

Greg - Tracker is a great suggestion! I shall put it forth, should they choose to get another dog :)

A good idea? Probably not. One that will lead to interesting adventures? Just maybe...

That's... an intriguing class to be in. Though perhaps, with the revelation in your final line, one that I would rather not be in. Just, you know, in case old habits die hard, as they say...