Saturday October 15th, 2016

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: the delivery man.

Kat had a table at a family fair in Oliver this morning, hoping to sell all the clothes Miles has outgrown, along with a baby swing, play mat, and diapers he grew out of before we used up all the packages. Mostly just to make some room in our place, but also some extra money would be nice.

It didn't go especially well.

Eventually she sold a few things, but the people who came to shop were generally not looking for baby clothes. So that made things a little difficult.

We did some shopping for ourselves while we were there, picking up some winter booties and a teething toy for Miles, along with a toy go kart and a big (3 feet x 2 feet) construction jigsaw puzzle for Max. So there was that at least.

Now Kat gets to try to sell the leftovers through Facebook. I shall keep my fingers crossed for that.


He drives his truck
From place to place,
While dreaming of
A far off face


Greg said...

I'm sorry to hear that the fair didn't go that well. Would eBay work, or a Gumtree equivalent? It sounds like you made the most of the day though :)
I really like the last line today; it adds depth to the poem and makes it need a re-read. Nice!

The delivery man
He arrived with the sheep, after following the star,
And found a woman in labour and a man looking scared.
He delivered the child, which was easier by far
Than delivering lambs or spreading the Word.

Marc said...

Greg - well so far Facebook groups have managed to get rid of almost everything. Still stuck with the swing, for now, and we'll probably just give the play mat away at this point.

Thank you :)

Fantastic take on the prompt. Consider me deeply impressed.