Tuesday October 18th, 2016

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: haiku.

Apologies if I've done this before, but I have no reasonable way of figuring out if I have. I mean, I could look back at every single Two Haiku Tuesday post I've done, but... yeah, that ain't happening. So here we go! Possibly again!

Had a successful trip to Penticton today. Quite enjoyed blasting music like this and this and this on the way there and back. It's been a while since I had the chance to listen to my music with such freedom. Well, during the day.

I do tend to indulge (with headphones on) after everyone else has gone to bed in the evenings.

Back to the bakery tomorrow morning.


Every Tuesday
I demand two from you; to
me they're called two-ku

*     *     *

Such a constricting
format that, sometimes, I just
run out of space to


Greg said...

I don't remember you putting "haiku" up as a prompt before, so if you have it must pre-date me joining in on these daily writing efforts. That might be a few years since we met on Protagonize and that must have been really!? nearly eight years ago now!
Well, that music is more like what I expect of you, but when you said "not suitable for children" I assumed you meant Lady Gaga, Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus.... Incidentally, you might look up Empathy Test sometime: they're a lot closer to Metric than to Mos Def but I think you might like them.
I like the humour in your second this week, but your first wins it for me with "two-ku". I may have to say that out loud today around the office. A lot.

Koo Stark hates Japan,
They are far too friendly there,
They all say "Hi Koo!"

He wrote till his death:
He mixed-up haiku with the
Act of Seppuku

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, it has been a long time, sir. Crazy, huh?

Hah! I hope you did go around saying that in your office, for the idea of it makes me smile. Widely.

Okay, your first made me laugh out loud with that final line, so it wins it this week. Fine work :D