Saturday October 8th, 2016

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: the flashback.

It's Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada and as a result the bakery was an absolute madhouse this morning. It was like the summer rush had come back for a visit, with people coming for their pies and pumpkin bread and croissants and cinnamon buns and other loaves.

I don't think I moved from the till for the first hour and a half.

It was good though. Definitely not used to that sort of craziness anymore, but it was good.

Looking forward to a Thanksgiving dinner with my family and Kat's brother's family tomorrow night.

I almost said a quiet dinner, but then, you know, I remembered Max and Natalie would be there.


Walking down the street
Hand in hand with his lover;
A car backfires
And he's running for cover


Greg said...

I hadn't realised it was that time of year again! The year seems to have gone by quite fast, and the Maltese weather is still very summery (though thankfully it has cooled a little). It sounds like you had a good day, for all you were clearly very busy. Happy Thanksgiving!
Hmm, there's a story beyond your poem, clearly, and while I appreciate this glimpse into this world, a longer visit would be nice too. Those last two lines are a great hook!

The flashback
The first lightning strike is a revelation
As the sky is rent in two by electric blue,
But it's the second shot, the flashback, hot
Like a dragon's breath, that stuns a nation.

[You may have noticed, but this is actually a (very short) continuation of Hairstyle from three weeks ago.

Marc said...

Greg - thanks :)

Hmm, I shall try to delve into the story behind this some time soonish. Then we can both discover what's happened!

Really enjoyed the rhythm and flow of yours. And I appreciate the mini continuation as well :)