Saturday October 1st, 2016

The exercise:

On this, the first day of October, we shall write a four line poem about: the restless ghost.

Made it to the garlic festival. Had too many people for Max's liking (Kat and I were both surprised by how popular it was as well). Still managed to pick up a few things before leaving.

Another day off tomorrow?

Goodness. I feel rather spoiled.


Wandering these same halls,
Watching his every move,


Greg said...

I sympathise with Max there. On the one hand I know that the festival benefits from getting the most people in, on the other I'd like a 40 minute exclusivity window where there are maybe just another 39 people around so that I can appreciate it properly.
Enjoy your day off! I have booked a single day's holiday this month and I'm looking forward to that :)
I like how you convey the sinisterness of your ghost with just the second and fourth lines. There's a back-story here that would be interesting to hear as well, I think.

The restless ghost
She's been haunting the Town Hall for fifty years,
Leaning over shoulders and whispering in living ears.
They've turned her holiday requests down the most,
Which is why she's called the rest-less ghost.

Marc said...

Greg - I, too, am all for exclusivity windows. Maybe with more like 20 people though...

Hah, was not expecting your final two lines. That's a clever twist on the prompt, and deftly done!