Saturday August 12th, 2017

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: what happens next.

Inspired by Greg's comment last Saturday, mine is a continuation of my previous four line poem. Feel free to do something similar or take this prompt as its own thing.

Picked blackberries this evening with the family for tomorrow's local order pickup. Got all 19 pints we needed, so all that's left to do is weigh out fruit orders and get everything together in time for people to come get their produce.

Managed to get a new phone this morning. Still working on getting it setup, but so far I'm generally pleased with my iPhone 6.


The highway is cracked and littered
With broke down cars and shattered glass,
But the driver is undeterred -
He's got the school bus moving fast...


Greg said...

Ah, continuation Saturdays! Fantastic notion :)
How long before Max finds your new phone and discovers all the wonderful things he can do with it too? Or that already happened? :)
I like the energy in your poem and on it's own it tells a slightly more worrying tale (!) than in conjunction with the previous poem. But that conjunction puts a completely different spin on things, and now I'm less worried about the driver's mental state than I am about what's causing all this hurry and destruction. I shall look forward to next Saturday's installment!

What happens next
Our Lord pursed his lips,
He bade his guards all leave the room,
Then he leaned towards me,
And specified my doom.

[Continuing mine from last Saturday too, and using "doom" here slightly obscurely in its original meaning of "fate"]

Marc said...

Greg - thanks. Wish I had remembered to keep it going for more than two weeks. Though then I would have to end it intentionally at some point...

Yeah, he's working on it already.

Ah, nicely done. Now I want to start this up again.