Tuesday August 1st, 2017

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: the White House.

Another smoky day. Hard on the eyes and nose, but at least it kept it a few degrees cooler than what the forecast had called for.

Going to try to get this posted before the sleepiness wins yet again.


Chaos swirls and whirls
through the halls. What should we do?
Just fire them all...

*     *     *

Men of dignity
and intelligence once ruled
here. Not anymore.


Greg said...

I hope the wildfires die down soon -- overall it's probably better with the heat than the smoke!
Trump's presidency is quite something, isn't it? Everytime you think it might be approaching normalcy, he does something else bizarre. This morning I was reading that the House and Senate Republicans are now openly ignoring him on some issues... how does a President turn his own party against him?
While both of your haiku are fitting today, I like the second one better, so that wins for me.

The White House
She explains it's her
White House; she beds Presidents
In every room there.

Though they don't all keep
"Campaign promises", they pay
Her for her silence.

[No meaning for the acrostic, it's accidental this time!]

Marc said...

Greg - bizarre is, I think, putting it lightly. I keep wondering how much longer he can possibly last in office... and yet he's still there.

An accidental acrostic? I'm trying to decide if that's even more impressive than an intentional one! Also: I can quite happily tie in 'switch' - as in, it is time to switch presidents.

Regardless, your first is easily my favorite. That's quite the character summation in just three lines, haiku style.