Tuesday August 8th, 2017

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: the evacuation.

Got through work on about 2 hours of sleep.

Going to aim big and try to get more sleep than that tonight.

Oh, pictures. Here's one of the fire, taken from our deck:

Here's how things looked this morning when I left for work, from around the same spot as the first picture:

Good times.


Quick! What's important?
What can we not leave behind?
We were not prepared.

*     *     *

Get out! Get out now!
But wait - where are we going?
It doesn't matter.


Greg said...

The fire looks quite dramatic in the dark and, in the morning light, appears to have been closer to you than is entirely comfortable. I do hope that you don't get any more close calls like that!
I think I like your first haiku slightly better today, though I appreciate the sense of urgency you've managed to imbue them both with. The first one, oddly enough, is similar to my approach to flying: just before I get into the taxi to go to the airport I run through the things I must have in order to board and land, and assume that if anything else has been forgotten it can be sorted out when I arrive :)

The evacuation
Oh Diarrhoea!
I've never felt so empty...
Need another life.

Keep still on the loo,
Evacuate. Pity my
Dire rear (and my wife).

[Another accidental acrostic, which really doesn't seem to fit theme today.]

Marc said...

Greg - yes, we were not at all comfortable watching its approach. Happy to say there have been no more fires in the area and that the air is currently smoke free.

Well, perhaps your suffering narrator pigged out a little too much at a buffet that was a little less sanitary than it should have been?

Other than that... I've got nothing.

They are equally gross, so I shall call it a tie this week :P