Friday February 22nd, 2013

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose around the idea of: making the call.

Inspired by what transpired just south of Penticton this evening, on Max's first nighttime excursion that took us beyond Kat's parents house just up the hill.

For the record: the 'he' in this tale is purely speculative. Easily could have been a 'she', I just had no intention of getting close enough to find out. Especially with Max in the car.


He's doing sixty km/h in an eighty zone - something's up.

Okay, now he's swerving into the oncoming lane - I'm thinking drunk driver.

... And now he's speeding - too bad I have no interest in getting close enough to see his license plate.

Now that we're stopped at the lights and he's the only car in the far left turning lane I can see his plate clearly... and he almost caused an accident when the lights went green - time to call 911.


Greg said...

Hmm, that sounds like a driver to steer well clear of (excuse the pun, it wasn't intentional!) Calling 911 was probably the best thing to do for them, really. And I can easily understand your concern when Max and Kat are in the car with you as well.
On a (much) lighter note, I see that you're entering the 1720's in your number-of-days writing now: 1728 is twelve cubes, and 1729 is known at the taxicab number; Ramanujan while in hospital was visited by Hardy who said that his taxicab had been number 1729 to take him to the hospital, and lamented that it was an uninteresting number.
"On the contrary," said Ramanujan immediately. "It is the first number which is the sum of two cubes in two different ways."

But still :)
Making the call
"Coach says it's your call." The look of disgust on Michael's face said it all; the rest of the team could easily imagine the tantrum he'd thrown at being told that Sam would be picking the play. Sam, a slender boy who could run fast and throw the ball hard enough to knock people bigger than him over, nodded solemnly.
"There's no audience," he said, "no witnesses, and so I say we get the guns from coach's trunk and make it look like a gang drive-by shooting."

Marc said...

Greg - thank you for the number education! Perhaps I'll find a way to incorporate this new knowledge into appropriate prompts for those days...

Hah, I certainly didn't expect that ending :)