Saturday February 23rd, 2013

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: hope.

Our greenhouse work for this year began this afternoon, which was rather exciting. While Kat's mom watched Max, we got onion, leek, shallot, sage, rosemary, and thyme seeds started.

With the sun shining, it rather seemed like spring had arrived.


Seed, soil, and water...
Heat, patience, and time;
And if all goes well,
This food shall be mine.


Greg said...

Heh, while Spring may be putting in a presence with you it's been below freezing a lot here lately, with the odd snow shower to remind us that Winter hasn't abdicated his throne just yet. I quite like it, but I think I'm in a minority :-D
That's a sweet little poem! I actually find the change in stress between the first two lines and the second two a little jarring, but I wonder if that's because there's only four lines. If it were longer it would be more obviously structural I think.

They called their daughter Hope
(she killed herself at ten).
They've called their new child "Serial Killer"
that's hope all over again.

Marc said...

Greg - I'm quite ready for spring, myself. Warmth, please.

Well, good to see their troubles with the first child didn't interfere with the naming of the second :P