Thursday February 14th, 2013

The exercise:

In (dis?)honour of Valentine's Day, let us write some: unromantic poems.

I noticed that this was trending on Twitter earlier in the day but wasn't feeling inspired at the time. Plus, I prefer to be able to wander beyond the character limit that comes along with that service.

For the record: yes, I do have a Twitter account. I don't really use it for much other than following a select few people that I find interesting and/or informative. At one point I was seriously considering opening an account for Daily Writing Practice (tweeting out prompts and general writing things), but never got around to it.

Now? I'm just pleased whenever I get the blog done before midnight slaps me across the face. Which, incidentally, did not happen tonight. Yet again.


Ingrown toenails can't stop me
From pacing outside your door -
It doesn't matter to me
That it's almost half past four.

I won't leave till you agree
That I am the one for you;
You'll either love me forever
Or find my body turning blue.


Greg said...

I think I have a twitter account somewhere, mouldering away. Mostly so that if it's ever needed I've got it, and can be curmudgeonly on it :)
Unromantic poems sounds quite interesting. I like yours, there's some images in there that are just a little more than disturbing!
[Tiny typo: I think you've missed the word one from the second line of the second verse.]

The spider rose
The spider rose is only thorns,
Around a sooty, blackened stem,
Its heart contains six maggots which
Consume whatever love they can.

A bunch of these is rare as gold,
And cost more than a man should pay –
I've pawned the house and sold your dog –
Your Valentine arrives today!

No words can say the thanks you owe,
No gift could recompense this act.
I win! You owe me ev'rything;
I love you most and that's a fact.

Mr. Mcgranor said...

So many fantasize that this Country has a place, but only a stolen place. The Magna Carta is now ours; thus, in the hands of those--that can only mock.

By the grace of God?

Marc said...

Greg - hah, I can see you doing quite well on Twitter as a curmudgeon :D

And thank you for pointing out that typo, it has been taken out back and shot.

Some wonderfully nasty stuff in that opening stanza, and I just love your final line :)

Mr. Mcgranor - well that certainly is unromantic :)