Tuesday February 19th, 2013

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: the calendar.

If you happen to be curious about how Neil Gaiman's Calendar of Tales project that I mentioned a while back turned out (well, is continuing to turn out), then this link might be of interest to you.

Thinking about sending in some photographs for this second stage. Just have to decide of what and then make it happen. A couple of those stories make me really wish I could draw... instead I shall pass the link on to a much more artistically talented friend.


Twelve months, twelve stories;
never before have I wished
for a longer year.

*     *     *

Pinned to the wall of
an empty house forever
trapped in September.


Greg said...

Ah, but writing is just drawing with words ;-) I shall check the link out shortly, I seem to busier than usual this morning; too many emails in from foreign climes overnight!
I like your second haiku better this morning, probably because there's a kind of loneliness to it that goes well with the drizzle here this morning.

The calendar
I ask'd for a date.
He gave me a calendar
And said "Take them all!"

The seasons go past
counting the years in quarters,
better than paper.

writebite said...

marc, love your haiku, emotive.
greg, yours have a nice play on words.

Marc said...

Greg - I can write pretty pictures, but I cannot draw them :)

I like both of yours, though I feel I'd enjoy your second one even more if I could figure out what 'better than paper' means :/

Writebite - thank you :)