Friday June 21st, 2013

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: the secretary.

It sounds like the cherries are going to be okay, which means we should have them again at next weekend's market. This is great news, as we were considering skipping that market if we didn't have them, as we don't really have enough of anything else to make the drive worth it otherwise.

Of course, it would have been nice to have some extra weeding time in the garden...


"Your 10:30 is here to see you sir," the smoke-stained words came floating into Henri's office, rousing him from a rather detailed daydream.

"And who, exactly, am I meant to see at 10:30 this morning?" Henri shouted back, loud enough for both his secretary and his waiting appointment to hear where they were stationed in the reception area down the hall.

"Why it's Monsieur Stewart, obviously... oh... oh, darn it, I did it again."

Henri retrieved a full pack of cigarettes from his top drawer, fully aware that he'd need every last cancer stick if he was going to survive yet another meeting that had not been marked on his calendar.


Greg said...

Henri's back! Yay!
And every bit as irascible as ever it would seem. I wonder what that secretary's doing that means he hasn't sacked them yet for failing to keep his calendar up to date?
Congratulations on the cherries, I'm glad they survived the rain. And I'm sure that the weeds will wait for you until you're ready to harvest them :)

The secretary
Charles Ascuigimento, Head of Building Security, sat in the office of the owner of the building. A cold tension hung in the air between them.
"If I understand you correctly," said Charles, his voice tight with controlled rage, "you are proposing that I become, for want of a better word, your secretary."
The owner nodded as Charles continued, "But as Head of a well-trained, and armed security force, I regret to inform you that I am staging a coup."

David said...

One word written in red ink. Slut. She looked at the photo of the perfect family. Bastard.

Marc said...

Greg - I thought you might like seeing Henri again :)

That's a good question. I reckon it'll need answering at some point.

Hah, I'm not sure Charles would make a very good secretary. That's some poor judgement on his (former) boss' part.

David - amazing what you've managed to cram into so few words. Consider me impressed.