Tuesday June 25th, 2013

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: the master.

Had a successful (and dry!) harvest for our boxes this morning. Doing ten produce boxes each week is feeling a lot more manageable than I expected it to.

It's looking like the weather is in the process of turning a corner, with highs reaching into the 30's by the weekend. I would appreciate that, and I'm sure the garden would love the extra attention we'd be able to lavish on it.

The weeds, though? They probably won't care for that forecast at all.


He rules this place with
lethal enthusiasm;
we will usurp him.

*     *     *

A Jack of all trades
is supposed to master none?
We'll see about that.


Greg Bennett said...

The weeds will definitely love it – heat, light and water are the three corners of the triangle for getting green things to grow. I'm sure they'll also enjoy battling you for control of the garden ;-)
I like your first haiku this week, as it describes Henri rather well :) I quite like the second as well, as I've always felt that to be a Polymath is the right ambition to have in life! It's a tough choice, but I think I'll pick the first as my favourite.

The master
He raises tall poles
High on the decks of tall ships;
He is the master.

She is a swine-herd
Feeding the pigs 'neath oak trees;
She is the master.

[I should probably apologise for both of those, but when I saw the word "mast" hiding in there both definitions immediately came to mind.]

Marc said...

Greg - it does describe Henri, doesn't it?

Hah, definitely no apologies required for the first one, as it made me smile.

The second, I have to admit, I don't quite get. I suppose an internet search or two would get me sorted out, but apparently I'm too lazy to do that...