Tuesday June 11th, 2013

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: strawberries.

Had probably our most successful ever local order day today, selling more than forty pounds of strawberries and a couple crates worth of greens. Also: the first three pints of raspberries of the year, which were a pleasant surprise discovery this morning. Wasn't expecting to get more than one container at this point.

Apparently today was my dad's birthday. Could have fooled everyone around here. Oh well, we're still celebrating it tomorrow night, before my parents and aunt and uncle all hit the road again for destinations elsewhere on Thursday morning.


You know they're local
when it's no surprise that they're
red all the way through.

*     *     *

Sparkling ruby,
sweet as newfound love; likewise
leaving far too soon.


Greg said...

Happy Birthday to your dad then! It sounds like you have one of those families where the birthdays all cluster together in the year – expensive when you're children but great when you're all older and can use it as an excuse to all get together :)
Mmmm, raspberries. Definitely my favourite out of all the soft fruits!
Did I mention that I'm trying my hand at Ginger Beer? I have the starter bubbling away happily on the windowsill and will hopefully get it transferred to the liquor either today or tomorrow!
Oh, and well done on getting so many posts commented on today – that must have taken a while!
I like your second haiku better today, but the first one sounds very proud and almost makes me hungry.

Nestling in straw beds,
Bright jewels of pure sweetness.
Summer in one bite.


They're call'd strawberries:
Dark red marks, lesions in flesh.
Cross yourself and hide.

Marc said...

Greg - well, Max and I are rather clustered together as well. We'll see how that ends up working out :P

Ooh, ginger beer! Very impressed. Kat was making some of that for a while as well.

As for the commenting... it was either try to get caught up then or accept that I'll never be caught up again - which I didn't care to accept.

'Summer in one bite.' is a great line. And so true :)