Tuesday June 18th, 2013

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: the spider.

Well, that's our first box program day for this season over and done with. We managed to successfully navigate our way through it, despite a couple of wrong turns and more than a few moments of confusion.

But considering we're opening the season with ten box customers, when we only had four at the beginning of last year's, I'd say that's all rather forgivable.


Crawling through the night,
a long journey's end in sight;
step between the lips.

*     *     *

Creepy, hairy beast!
Don't let it come close to me!
Foul, nasty human.


Greg said...

You have to tell us a little more about these wrongs turns and confusions! Did you try giving some a box customer to another customer instead of giving them a box? However, a 250% increase in customers sounds pretty damn fine to me!
I think I prefer your second haiku today, though they are both good. I believe spiders are nutritious :)

The spider
Eight eyes and eight legs,
Four times better than humans!
...but so much smaller.

Sat in a large web,
Gathering information,
He knows what you think.

morganna said...

Just one haiku.
Run away, spider,
Run away! Your weedy hide-
out is here no more!

David said...

The itsy bitsy
annoying me forever
now stuck in my head

Her lies and deceit
A web spun so carelessly
Binding us to her

Marc said...

Greg - nah, it was more like 'Wait, we have seven boxes down for a bag of snow peas, but we only have five bags!" That sort of thing.

Plus we have our first veggies only customer this year and that's already tripping me up. 'Why do we have an extra pint of strawberries?'...

Love the creepiness of your second haiku this week.

Morganna - ah yes, always good to reduce the number of possible living quarters of creepy crawlies.

David - hah, totally feel your first one. I blame Max for that.

Your second is lovely, by the way. Really tells a story in such a short space.