Friday June 28th, 2013

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: the mistress.

Collected a whole lot of snow and shelling peas, 19 pints of raspberries, a couple heads of green cabbage, and a little bit of rhubarb for the market tomorrow. Taking the last of the cherries with us as well so it should be a good one, especially with it being a long weekend.

Also? Bringing a pint of blackcurrants. We only have two plants, and I was really just picking them to give to Kat's mom. But she somehow convinced me to bring them tomorrow to try to sell them, because 'Someone might want them!'

Which is fine.

But I have absolutely no idea how much to charge for them.

Oh well, if nobody buys them I'll just bring them back home and Kat's mom can make jam out of them.


In the early morning light she moves through the empty apartment on bare feet, her t-shirt falling just short of her knees. Though there are no other occupants, nor are any expected to arrive before nightfall, she feels unwelcome, unwanted.

Not by him, of course.

But by the other woman in his life, the one that, sooner or later, she must face.


Greg said...

That sounds like a pretty decent haul for the market, and I'm sure the raspberries and cherries will be rapid sellers. I can't believe you think people won't want blackcurrants though! I'm certain you won't have any trouble selling them (and pricing them is surely just a case of wandering around the other stalls until you spot someone else selling blackcurrants?). I'd buy them, though my personal favourite of the currants is redcurrants. You can make a delicious variant on Eve's pudding with them.
Your prose today is slightly bittersweet, which is a delicious flavour, especially for writing.

The Mistress
Miss Snippet arched an eyebrow. Her class watched warily; it was only three weeks into the new term, but they were quick learners.
"Look," said the Headmaster sounding apologetic, "just answer this question: what's a female in distress called?"
"A mistress," said Miss Snippet in a voice that brooked no argument.

Marc said...

Greg - well, they did sell. And the problem with having a wander about to check other prices is that, in a case like this, what do you do when nobody else is selling them?

I mean, beside double the price you were initially considering :P

Hah! Yes, well, I'd certainly not argue this point with Miss Snippet.