Sunday June 16th, 2013

The exercise:

Write about: the first of many.

Because today was my first Father's Day on this side of things, with many, many more to come.


The plan was to go to Haynes Point to have a BBQ dinner on the beach this evening with Kat's parents and our farm intern. And all day it was clear skies and hot sunshine as we prepared the dishes and supplies we were going to bring with us.

So, of course, right before we're about to leave home the dark clouds gather and the wind begins to blow. Refusing to be so easily daunted, we piled Max and our help into our car and headed across town to meet up with Kat's parents.

On the drive there I was still pretty sure things would work out and we'd have good enough weather to allow our planned event to go on. But then we pulled into the parking lot and the wind was absolutely howling - and, of course, the picnic area was on the unsheltered side of the point.

After a brief discussion with Kat's parents we all got back in our cars and came back to our place. We ended up having a lovely BBQ on our deck, where we were mostly protected from the wind by our home.

It didn't go as we had hoped, but it was only my first Father's Day. There will be many more to come - one of them is bound to have a warm, calm evening that we'll enjoy by the lake.

For now, Max decided to show off one of his new tricks this afternoon as his present to me:


Greg said...

The way you write "many, many more to come" makes me wonder just how many children you're planning on having. And if you've discussed that with Kat yet :)
Haynes Point looks like a great place for a barbecue (and I'm quite intrigued that it's Canada's only truly desert region: you live in a distinctly odd part of the world!), so it is definitely a shame that it didn't pan out this time. However it sounds like you made the best of the situation and had a great Father's Day anyway!
Oh, and Max looks adorable in that picture too!

First of many
Miss Snippet took a Dictionary of Idiom from the shelf and set it on her desk. The new term started in four days time, and she would be taking on a new class of five year olds. She'd already tendered for a contract to build a five-storey restaurant in the middle of town, so she was sure they wouldn't be short of work, but she still needed to teach them necessary inconveniences like the alphabet and numeracy. She had no idea how they got the age of five without knowing their letters, but Miss Francesca seemed unsackable no matter who complained.
Miss Snippet liked the idea of "A for Apple" but disliked the particular implementation and had decided to write her own this year. She'd done the first ten yesterday, and intended to get another ten done today.
She looked at her list.
"K," she said, enjoying the echo of her voice in the empty classroom. "K is finally OK. L. L is last of all. M. M is first of many."

Aholiab said...

The First of Many

As Jason entered the room he took a quick glance around. Years of training and practice let him absorb his surroundings in a moment. Seventeen people were already assembled: three black, two hispanic, four Asian, the remainder white. There were fourteen men and three women, which was not unusual; at least three of them carrying concealed weapons. The guy getting coffee could have worked undercover in a drug gang considering how many tattoos covered his arms, but the rest were paper-pushers and desk jockeys.

He walked casually to the side table to get himself some coffee and nodded at Tattoos. “Is it worth drinking?” he asked as he poured a cup. The man stared at him with a hint of hostility then turned away. “Tough crowd tonight,” Jason murmured under his breath.

A few moments later everyone began moving to their chairs as the director called for their attention. He waited until the group had settled and then began speaking.

“My name is Bill, and I’m an alcoholic.”

The group responded, “Hi, Bill”.

Marc said...

Greg - no sir. Just meant more to come with Max. That is all. :)

I quite like her naming convention, though I think the kids might find it a little confusing :P

Aholiab - great scene establishment in this one. And the final line definitely caught me by surprise, so that was well done too!