Friday January 10th, 2014

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: the fake.

Had a productive, but not particularly exciting, day. Back to work tomorrow for my usual 9 to 5 shift at the gym, though I do believe there is a birthday party booked for the bowling alley at 3... so I'm not sure if that whole leaving work on time thing is going to happen.


I should not have been surprised to learn that it was all false. The smile, the laugh, the compliments, the love. I've lived enough years, seen enough pretenders, made more than enough mistakes; there was really no need to go down that road again.

Yet there I was, dating another prostitute...


Greg said...

Good luck with the birthday party! I hope it's an easy for you – just three people with two party hats, a bottle of grape juice and a desire to sit around and discuss their medical conditions :)
Heh, superb punchline! I really enjoyed those four lines.

The fake
Miss Snippet sat in the headmaster's office while he tried to reassemble the robot.
"How did you spot it was a fake pupil?" he asked as wondered how much force Miss Snippet had used to rip its head off.
"It wasn't joining in bullying Richard," said Miss Snippet. "Even I do that."

Marc said...

Greg - man, that would have be a fantastic party. Maybe next time?

Ah, good ole Miss Snippet. Charming as always :)