Tuesday January 21st, 2014

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: the turning point.

After not being able to string two strikes together over the course of my first two games tonight, I wasn't feeling especially happy with how things were going. Then in the fourth frame of my last game I had the left corner pin remaining on my third ball. I threw it in the gutter but it bounced up enough to catch the pin anyway.

Technically, those two points shouldn't have counted. But that's a pretty rare shot and I think we can all agree that taking out the corner pin that way is much more difficult than the traditional, boring, hitting it legally style.

Anyway, I was having a rough night and I wasn't about to minus two points off the automatic scoring system. Plus everyone else wanted me to keep it.

I then proceeded to bowl five strikes in a row. I don't remember the last time I managed that. My final score was 264 (or 262 if we're being strict), which is the highest game I've bowled in recent memory.

In other news, today was also the eighth anniversary of my diagnosis as a type 1 diabetic. Which means it was Diabetes Donut Day. I had an apple fritter this year, and it was fabulous.


The struggle drags on,
Then one little lucky bounce
Changes everything

*     *     *

If in the darkness
You hear the train whistle blow,
It's time to turn back


Greg said...

It seems harsh to me to declare a ball that enters the gutter is treated as out from that point on, especially as it must be hard to use the gutter as a way of controlling the ball and so shows greater skill. So I think you should get to keep those two points as well. And well done on the final score! Sometimes you just have to pace yourself and accept that it takes a while to warm up :)
The apple fritter sounds delicious, and it's breakfast time here too....
I'm guessing that the next named day will be your fortnightly comment catch-up day though :-D
I like your first haiku better this week, because your second haiku is going to result in blood-spatter no matter what.

The turning point
Grab a candlestick;
Overhead bludgeon and the
Burglar's turning back

A policeman sighs,
Courts dislike vigilantes.
Keep strong in prison!

[I swear you're trying to force my haikus to lose their acronymic qualities with your prompt titles! I've had little choice this time but to link them in order to keep everything in order. Sorry :( ]

morganna said...

Congrats on the more successful night, and I think you should keep those 2 points, too.
Behind by ten at
Half-time, the under-dogs turned
It around and won.

Marc said...

Greg - that's a good idea, actually. Screw writing for the day, I'm catching up on comments!

I swear, I honestly forget every Tuesday that you've been doing these acrostics! I will try to remember next week.

Though you've been creating some pretty incredible stuff without my help...

Morganna - thanks :)

Ah, I've always had a soft spot for the underdogs. Nicely captured.