Tuesday January 28th, 2014

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: regret.

The final league night went reasonably well this evening. It's looking like there should be enough interest to continue on for a while, which is great. I seem to be organizing things, which is slightly less great. I'm not really looking for the added responsibility, but no one else seems to be volunteering for the job.

Oh well, hopefully the majority of my work will be to show up on Tuesday nights and take care of the lanes. The less phone calls I have to receive and make during the week the happier I'll be.


Close friends left behind,
principles oft compromised...
I regret nothing.

*     *     *

A gaping hole left
by words carelessly spoken;
that day haunts me still.


morganna said...

So sorry I could
Not help – I couldn't be there
This time – I'm so sorry.

Greg said...

@Morganna: that's a great little haiku! I think the sentiment comes across beautifully, especially with the line-breaks.

@Marc: No-one ever volunteers to organise, and we should be suspicious of the intentions of those who do! But good on you for sorting things out so that they can continue for a while at least, and I hope it turns out to be as easy as you suggest it might be.
I think I like your first haiku better today, as it reminds me of Henri. Who I'm sure must be awaiting a suitable prompt to make a return!

Oh, and thank-you for a six letter prompt :)

Rue grows in my heart,
Evergreen, unlike that which
Grows in my garden.

Regret is bitter,
Even though I sweeten it...
Tears always taste sad.

Marc said...

Morganna - agree with Greg's comments. The breaks really add to your haiku.

Greg - oh, Henri is never too far away. I'll see if I can find a prompt to unleash him on soon.

You're welcome :D

Two lovely haiku from you this week, I'm having trouble picking a favorite. Perhaps the first... yes, let's go with the first.