Friday January 3rd, 2014

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: a lie.

After hauling wood down to the house this morning, I had a chance to go on a picture taking outing this afternoon. I'm not overly crazy about any of the photos I brought home, but I hadn't had the opportunity to do that in a long while and it's fed my desire to do it again soon.

Oh, a quick heads up: our next yearlong journey, the 2014 version of Mejaran, begins this Sunday. I hope you're up for joining in.


Things had been bad between Sally and George for years by the time they sought out the help of a marriage counselor. It was much too late to salvage their marriage by that point, but the balding, spectacled man had done his very best.

And for a short while things between them appeared to be better.

Their relationship was still a lie, of course, but at least it sounded more like the truth for a few fleeting weeks.


Greg said...

Hauling wood sounds like hard work, but I guess it's necessary to get it done before you've got a foot of snow surrounding you :) Will that last the winter or will you be hauling more soon?
The picture trip sounds nice, if you find any pictures you don't mind sharing I'd be interested in seeing them :)
Ah, I think you've captured the essence of too many relationships there; looking like the truth but only maintained by a third party constantly trying to help. I guess sometimes people really want the lies to be true.

The lie
"Chapter 3 of your textbooks is a lie," said Miss Snippet, setting the Geography book down on the table. "The Abonnement Islands were secretly bought by our government about eighteen months ago. You need to know this because I've managed to get the contract to build an equally secret internment camp there, and you will be beginning work in two weeks time."
The class of five year-olds cheered and high-fived in delight – a trip to some exotic islands!

Marc said...

Greg - nah, it was just enough to last us the week (hopefully). I'll have to get more down here soon.

Oh dear. Why do I have a feeling that this island will not be as exotic - or exciting - as the students hope it will be?