Wednesday January 15th, 2014

The exercise:

Write about: disorientation.

Made it through work today without falling asleep, so that was an accomplishment.

Also, after mentioning my disappointment yesterday with how Tuesday nights have been going, I had a chat with my boss and supervisor this morning. Looks like we're going to go until the end of the month and then put an end to the 'league'.

Not that it has really been much of a league since, oh, November. Still a let down though, as this wasn't what I was hoping for when I signed up to bowl.

Next Tuesday I'm going to talk to the regulars who have been showing up to see if any/enough of them would want to keep bowling on Tuesday nights into February and beyond. Not as an actual league, just totally casual.

We'll see what happens.


"Yo mama is fatter than Mrs. Fratelli!"

"Who's that?" Lee asked.

"That's the librarian over at South City High School," Deke said. "She's huge. Three hundred pounds, easy."

"My daddy says she's probably over four hundred," Jake chimed in around a mouthful of his grilled cheese sandwich.

"That's nonsense," Deke told him with a shake of his head. "She wouldn't be able to fit through the library door if she was that big."

"Well, when was the last time you saw her outside the library?" Lee asked and the boys forming the semi-circle before him fell silent. Looks were exchanged, mental math was performed.

"Is there even a bathroom in there?" Jake asked in a horrified whisper. Before anyone could reply the bell rang, signalling the end of lunch.

"Okay new kid," Deke said, pointing a thick finger at Lee. "Same time tomorrow, right? And don't forget: if you want to fit in around here, you need to complete all the lessons in Diss Orientation 101."


Greg said...

It seems a shame to end the league, but I guess you're just removing the formality from it and keeping the bowling going anyway, just in a different way. I hope that enough of the regulars are up for keeping on going!
Heh, Mrs. Fratelli sounds like she's huge! And I like this Diss Orientation 101 too, it sounds like lots of fun. I think I could offer the odd module in there :-D

Disorientation, phrasal colloidal noun-input. As many people (who consult such erudite dictionaries as me) are aware, to orient oneself means to align oneself with the sun (typically locatable in the East, or Orient). Accordingly, disorientation is the process of aligning oneself with the moon for the purposes of travel, or Cassiopaeia for the purposes of bandersnatch hunting. The correct choice of heavenly body is, naturally, both essential and difficult. A table of suitable alignment ephemera may be found in Appendix C, assuming you weren't so cheap that you bought the Appendix-free edition.
You may also wish to consult the entry for bandersnatch in the event that you are planning on hunting one. They're almost certainly not what you think they are.

Marc said...

Greg - well there was definitely some interest in continuing on. We'll see if there's enough.

Oh, I'm sure you'd be a fantastic guest lecturer :D

Another great entry to the collection here. The reference to the appendix-free edition and the bandersnatch definition were the highlights for me.