Friday May 23rd, 2014

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: victory.

Spent the morning mulching strawberries while Kat weeded and thinned greens. This afternoon I dropped off five pounds of rhubarb at the bakery before taking our bikes in to one of the bike shops in town to get tuned up.

They've been sitting in our basement for... a year and a half, I think, so they were due. Plus we want to have them available for our WOOFers to use this summer, so they should probably be road ready.

Hard to believe our first helper is arriving in just a couple days.


It's about time I came out on top of one of these stupid battles. She's always finding ways to twist the rules in her favour, make it seem like I'm the bad guy. Well forget that nonsense; I'm getting my way this time around and it feels great.

She can figure out a way to tell the kids, too - that ain't my problem no more.


Greg said...

The mulching never ends, does it? The rhubarb sounds good though, and getting the bikes tuned sounds like a good idea as well! But I can't believe that you weren't regularly cycling to your job at the gym during the winter ;-)
Heh, your protagonist sounds like he's won a pyrrhic victory to me, but he seems very pleased about it nonetheless!

As the wreckage of the Victory settled around him and he trod water like a Trojan, the Captain reflected that the Fates appeared to be indulging in a sick sense of humour. His ship was so much matchwood (he winced as a surviving spar crashed into the water atop a knot of sailors) and the winning ship appeared to have escaped damage altogether. The captain of the other ship hailed him, his hands wrapped around his mouth like a megaphone.
"This is the Captain of the Defenceless reminding you that there are sharks in these here waters!"

Marc said...

Greg - it certainly doesn't seem like it does.

And I'll take a pass on winter biking, thanks :P

Ah, the Fates can indeed be cruel. Funny if it's not you they are toying with, but certainly cruel.