Tuesday May 20th, 2014

The exercise:

Write two haiku that have something to do with: slim.

Had a successful first harvest this morning, gathering two bags of stir-fry blend, four bags of baby lettuce, four bags of arugula, three bunches of radishes, and two pounds of rhubarb. Other than the rhubarb and maybe the radishes, that was about all I could have gotten out of the garden so it was a pretty ideal number of orders.


She searches online
for a potential partner,
finds it's slim pickings

*     *     *

Tall and thin, just like
his dear Daddy; he was born
to be nicknamed Slim


Greg said...

Well done with the harvest!
I like your second haiku better today, but it's a close-run thing.

She misread the sign,
She stood, thinking she was slim;
Really she was "slime"

These pants are slim-fit?
A scarecrow couldn't wear them!
Thin is the new fat....

Aholiab said...


Dance in the sunlight
Walk around the block again
Lose those extra pounds

What chance do I have?
Gorgeous redhead at the bar.
I won’t suggest “none”.

Marc said...

Greg - tough call between your two this week. Really liked 'Really she was "slime"', but I have to say 'Thin is the new fat' wins it this time.

Aholiab - good to see you around here again :)

Hah, really like your second one. It took me a moment to realize that slim wasn't in reference to the redhead :D