Sunday May 18th, 2014

The exercise:

Today we shall write something that has to do with: Mickey Mouse.

Had some help with the strawberries this morning - our friend Audrey weeded while I did some mulching. It's much faster now that I'm using the tractor to haul larger loads of mulch; the wheelbarrow is just miserably inefficient for this work.

Max and I slept most of the afternoon away but I was able to get our tent set up while I was barbequing dinner. We wanted to have a look at it and air it out ahead of our first helper arriving (a week today already!) since we haven't used it in a while.

Thankfully everything looks fine, but we'll still have to buy another one for when our second helper arrives.


"I have never been issued such a Mickey Mouse assignment."

I'll give Brent some credit - he honestly sounded like he meant it. Which is possible, I suppose. Personally, I'll live the rest of my life haunted by the memory of our superior's request that we scrub all of the public toilets in New York with a toothbrush.

Maybe that just slipped his mind.

"They can't seriously expect us to do this, right?"

More likely, he drank so heavily afterward that the whole experience now exists as a black hole in his memory banks. He's been known to do that. On occasion.

"There's no way. Just absolutely no way we're doing this."

Yeah, buddy, we are. If we want to keep our jobs.

"I mean, come on! Every single stray dog in India?"


Greg said...

It occurs to me that if you did this scheme in Winter then you'd only need the one tent, as your helpers would benefit from being packed in as close as possible in the Canadian winter! They'd probably be thanking you :)
Well done with the mulching and the weeding, and I hope Audrey isn't going to be aching all day today :)
That's a fantastically surreal story you've got there today. I'm actually a little surprised that I didn't write it... :) I am really, really curious to know now what your protagonists are doing with every stray dog in India though!

Mickey Mouse
Vancouver Island -- Vancouver Irrealis Island he had to remind himself -- was the location of Sidneyland, the greatest theme park on the North American continent. It was on a large expanse of ground next to Lake Cowichan, and the towers of the fairytale castle could be seen from Candun. Special boat services were run daily to allow the tourists to come and visit, and there was a small but vibrant hotel industry on the other shore of the lake.
One of the biggest attractions was the Mousehole, lair of the Mucky Mouse. Mucky Mouse had been the Sidney animation studios first and most memorable creation, engaging in the kinds of things that the blue-stockings immediately wanted to pass laws to prohibit. There was a small sign at the entrance to the Mousehole that warned people that they may wish to shower after they'd come out again, but there was never any bleach for the soul supplied.

[Sorry this is short, I'm a bit pressed for time today!]

Marc said...

Greg - ah, that is good thinking. I shall have to suggest it to Kat :)

I had some ideas as to what was required of them in India, but decided to leave it open ended because... I found that more entertaining than anything I came up with :P

Oh my goodness. Well done with the Sidney to Disney connection, Vancouver Irrealis style. I can easily forgive your brevity for that bit of brilliance :D