Saturday May 24th, 2014

The exercise:

Following up yesterday's prompt, today we write a four line poem about: defeat.

We learned today that our helper won't be arriving tomorrow after all. She was supposed to be catching a ride with her aunt and uncle but they were delayed at the last minute until the 27th. But instead of waiting until then, she's catching the overnight bus from Calgary tomorrow night, meaning she'll be arriving in Osoyoos on Monday afternoon.

I hope she's a better bus sleeper than I am.


Mom and Dad are fighting,
About who or what or when;
Doesn't matter who wins,
We'll be the losers again.


Greg said...

Defeat seems a little strong for a one day delay! But I guess you were looking forward to meeting the new person and helping them get settled in, so I can imagine that it's all a little bit disappointing. Still, I'm very impressed that she's decided to get the bus over and get there only one day late rather than two or three. That's resourceful :)
Heh, there's a rueful truth to your poem today. Nicely done :)

He claims to know a new Jujitsu,
He's "lethal" and he "can't be beat",
I made him show me all his moves:
He just waves de arms and defeat.

Marc said...

Greg - nah, I was just carrying on with a mini-theme :P

Yeah, we definitely appreciated that she made the extra (unpleasant) effort to get here a day earlier than her relatives.

I am embarrassed to admit how much I laughed at your final line... so I won't :P