Friday February 5th, 2016

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: the prodigy.

I'm feeling the urge to start working on a bigger writing project. We shall see if anything comes of it, but I'm hoping saying it here will help to get me going with... whatever it ends up being.

Oh, hey... I'm caught up on comments again. Seems to happen once a month or so. As always, going to try to keep it up.

You know, just like the last twenty times I've said that and then proceeded to fall behind by two or three weeks.


The concert hall is overflowing with attendees, to the point that I'm thinking about calling the fire department to report a room capacity violation. Not that my manager would let me get away with it, obviously. I'm the guy thinking about the safety of my fans, while he's the guy counting ticket sales and figuring out how much his cut works out to be.

He's also my father but I knew by my fifth birthday what his priorities were... which, admittedly, was only two weeks ago.


Greg said...

Well done on the comments! I've been reading along as you add to them, and I appreciate the time you take and the notes you offer :) The bigger writing project sounds interesting as well, I shall look forward to hearing more about that!
Hmm, your narrator is clearly your prodigy, but the relationship he has with his father doesn't seem destined to end well. Still, you've conveyed a lot of interesting detail about it in just four lines, and I'm quite curious as to how this might turn out!

The prodigy
"A prodigy's a fat lass, eh?" Captain Ajax was leaning on the ship's rail idly scratching the leg of his whaleskin trousers, his whalebone pipe gripped tight between his teeth. His first mate, Fishmeal, looked puzzled and a tuft of his wiry grey hair fell out and was whisked away by the wind.
"No," he said, his voice like stones in a cement mixer, "a prodigy's a baby Leviathan, between two and four years of age but only if it's shorter than six metres and weighs less than three elephants."

Marc said...

Greg - thanks!

And I shall keep this in mind when I'm wanting to continue previous attempts :)

I, uh, don't think I'd want to meet your type of prodigy. Also... pretty sure I wouldn't want anywhere near that ship.