Saturday February 13th, 2016

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: Prince Charming.

Because tomorrow is Valentine's Day? No. Inspired instead by Max, who is just ridiculous to observe when he's out in public these days.

This morning we went to Oliver to get Kat a new cell phone, since her old one has been dying a slow death for the last few months. The woman attempting (and who eventually managed) to sell her the phone observed at one point something along the lines of: You guys have totally made my day. I was having a pretty crappy morning and now all that's out the window.

She was talking to Kat and Max while I was checking out one of the displays. But it was pretty clear she meant Max specifically.


He's smart and he's sexy
And drives a fancy car,
But I know his backyard
Is where the bodies are...


Greg said...

So do you Valentine's Day's plans involve dressing Max up as Cupid and having him run into the bedroom as Kat's waking up with a box of chocolates for her? With you ready with the camera? ;-) As for Max being ridiculous – making people laugh and brightening up their day is a rare-enough talent that I think you ought to be encouraging him :)
Hah, I think you've stolen the overall theme I'd have used for the poem today! Nice job!

Prince Charming
Soporific, monotonic, this one's called Prince Calming,
Quite sadistic, militaristic, this one is Prince Harming,
Hindustani, macaroni, this gentleman's Prince Brahmin,
I only came here looking for someone to be Prince Charming.

[Macaroni is a pretty old word meaning elegant and foppish, but finding something to fit the right pattern with Hindustani proved tricky]

Marc said...

Greg - I think Max would make a pretty great cupid. I'm thinking more along the lines of setting him loose in town somewhere though...

Oh, I'm encouraging it all right. I think it's amazing. I'll be sad when he reaches an age where all this goes away - or becomes more difficult to access, I suppose.

Consider me very impressed with your poem. Those opening two lines are flat out amazing, and that's some good work making the third line do its part as well. Bravo!