Saturday February 6th, 2016

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: the school dance.

Natalie came over to play with Max this afternoon. It is amazing to me how low maintenance those two can be when they're together. Honestly, she could come over every day if it was always like this.

As it is, Max will be going over to her house on Monday. Which just means I'll be able to get even more done, seeing as I won't have to keep an ear out for them or stick my head in Max's room or out the front door to make sure all is well.

And... today is two months until due date for child number two. How did that happen?


All the kids so high,
Like they in a zombie trance;
Nobody's watching,
But I still ain't gonna dance.


Greg said...

You'll have to get them both trained to look after child number two when they arrive then :) Unless of course they end up at school too much to do it for you.
I'm not sure what kind of school you went to that all the kids were high at school dances but... it makes Canada seem like a much more appealing place somehow :) I do like the imagery in that poem!

The school dance
Glittering, shimmering, darting like lightning
Trapped beneath the water, off the coast of France
The mass of wrasse flee the nets of trawlers,
But to us beneath the water, we see the school dance.

Kyle said...

Chaperons keep young boys' hands off of their partners' rumps.
The punch bowl is carefully watched, to keep the kids in line.
The jocks are missing, their cheerleader dates in a slump.
They're all in the boys' room, sampling Night Train wine.

Marc said...

Greg - yes, Max has already offered to look after his baby brother. I see no issues with this.

I, uh, was not a regular attendee at school dances. So I may have made up a few details in my poem ;)

Love the take on the prompt. Very clever, and lovely imagery really makes it work.

Kyle - hah, had to Google Night Train wine just to be sure I knew what you meant. There's a great deal of story here in just four poetic lines. Very nicely done!