Tuesday February 23rd, 2016

The exercise:

Write two haiku about something that is: brand new.

Kat and I met our new niece today. We left Max in daycare since he wasn't quite over his cold, but we're hoping he can meet his new cousin on Thursday or Friday, depending on when Becky is discharged from the hospital.

Say hello to Emersyn Claire (picture taken about two hours after birth):

And in six weeks or so, we get one of those too! A boy model, but I suspect just as cute.


Emerging from the
darkness of a quiet womb;
welcome to the world

*     *     *

Fresh out of the box
snow-white sneakers - so of course
Mom made spaghetti...


morganna said...

Grape juice was not a
Good choice this morning -- up it
Comes, over new shoes.

Greg said...

@Morganna: lovely haiku, less-than-lovely image!

@Marc: you look oddly proud in that picture... what will you look like when you've got your own I wonder?
I like both haiku this week, but the second one just wins for me. Of course, I'm choosing to believe that Mom is a bad cook and she made exactly spaghetti: no sauce, no anything, just strands of slippery pasta, so the shoes aren't utterly ruined!

Brand New
Only tomorrow
Is when the rest of the world
Sees this new product!

Getting it first is
Like Christmas and a birthday
All roll'd into one.

Marc said...

Morganna - hah, yes, that is not a particularly lovely image at all! Those poor shoes :(

Greg - super proud? Something like that. Also: hey, I'm allowed to be a proud uncle!

Even without the sauce, I can imagine those shoes getting stuck with some rather sticky pasta. But yes, in your scenario they do stand a much better chance of survival than what I had in mind :P

Hmm, now I'm left wondering what, exactly, is this new product you're haikuing about...