Saturday February 20th, 2016

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: Wonderland.

As in Alice's Adventures in. Don't know how I ended up with this one, other than to say that Kat was using the computer and I was trying to come up with a prompt that I knew for sure I hadn't used before.

Max had a pretty cranky day today. So did I. Not sure who got there first, but the one certainly did not help the other.


A slip, a trip, and a stumble,
Down the rabbit hole she goes!
What wonders await her landing?
Well... nobody really knows.


Greg said...

So you and Max feed off each other when you're cranky? Sounds like Kat should send you both for a time-out at opposite ends of the farm :)
I think you've managed to capture the overall plot of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland quite nicely there without giving out any spoilers!

A pastiche – of mathematical marvels
Mocked by the Reverend Dodgson,
But brought to life by his cruel pen...
So that the mathematics is forgotten again.

Marc said...

Greg - that would probably have worked better than whatever happened that day. I shall suggest it next time things start heading in this direction though!

That is a clever, unexpected take on the prompt. Very nicely done!

Also: well, at least I'm starting to get caught up. I guess I'll see how far I get tonight...