Friday August 12th, 2016

The exercise:

You've got four lines of prose, as always on Friday. But this week, a little something different. Your assignment: what is it?

Use your first three lines to describe something. Anything. Have fun with it. Your final line is for telling us what that something is.

We'll see how it goes this time. Maybe I'll bring it back every now and again. Let me know what you think.

Taking care of the market on my own tomorrow. Because I make poor life decisions.

I'm bringing 16 crates of Gala apples, 15 crates of nectarines, 12 crates of peaches, 2 crates of plums, a few raspberries, 3 mint plants, and whatever corn Kat's dad manages to pick before I hit the road in the morning.

Bright and early.

So maybe I should get to bed.


It's a bevy of bungalows for a bunch of bonkers buddies! It's a smattering of shacks for silly sisters! Come check it out, it's the craziest place in town!

It's Habitat for Insanity!


Greg said...

I'm sure it was only last week that you were saying how you wouldn't go to market again this year, and now you're going by yourself. With a metric tonne of fruit, plus some corn. I might believe you about those life decisions!
I like this idea for a recurring prompt, and I'm in favour of seeing it again. I liked how yours built up and guessing what you were describing. Unfortunately Homes for Humanity I only vaguely know as "some American thing" so I couldn't guess, but I did understand as soon as I read the punchline :)

What is it?
It's as silent and cold as the grave and as malevolent as the Angel of Untimely Death. Its smooth, egg-shaped head has no eyes, no nose, no mouth and no ears and it skitters across walls like a human-sized daddy-long-legs. It infiltrates where you least expect it, chills you to the bone, and steals your senses one by one.
It's an Ilmatu, and if you turn around slowly, you'll see it on the wall behind you.

Marc said...

Greg - yes, well, I *was* hoping to be working at town hall by this point and would be all done with markets. That, clearly, was not the case :P

Ah, I didn't realize Habitat for Humanity wasn't as international as I'd thought it was. Glad you liked mine anyway, and I will definitely bring this back again at some point.

God dammit, Greg. Even knowing what you were describing you still managed to find a way to extra creep the hell out of me with your last line.