Friday August 19th, 2016

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: the path in the woods.

Had a fairly quiet day here. Definite highlight was a walk in the woods with Kat, Max, and Miles just before dinner.

Having a fairly big get together at my parents place tomorrow afternoon. Hoping to get four friends and their children over here after lunch. Should be some delightful chaos.


I follow the path as darkness gathers around me. I follow the path as the creatures of the night begin to emerge and trace my footsteps. I follow the path onward, deeper; there can be no turning back now.

I follow the path.


Greg said...

I admire that you get the children over to your parents' place so that there's help to clear up afterwards :) It sounds like you had a fun, relaxing holiday.
Hmm, there's optimism in your tale here, but I wonder how warranted it really is? You manage to bring "creepy" out quite nicely in just four lines!

The path in the woods
The path didn't lead very far into the woods before it reached a small clearing, somewhere where the trees had decided not to grow. In the middle was the body -- what was left of it anyway. Even as the policeman watched small blurs flew to and from it like bees entering and leaving a hive, tearing away pieces of flesh each time. The fairies had gotten here first.

Marc said...

Greg - I suppose even better would be to get together and at someone else's house and then leave the mess to them :P

Thank you!

I like this a lot: 'somewhere where the trees had decided not to grow'. Really sets the scene quite nicely.