Tuesday August 30th, 2016

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: running away.

Actually managed to get the 72 ears of corn that were ordered for today. A few extra, even, as the birds have been getting into them so I wanted to make sure the big order had a few extra to make up for it. It would seem that Max has been slacking on his scarecrow duties.

Took a trip across the border this afternoon to pick up several packages, including a highchair for Miles and some groceries for the family. Also a couple things for Max, but I'll wait until I can share a picture before talking about that bit.

Back to the bakery tomorrow morning.


My bags are packed, I'm
ready to go; now to make
sure nobody knows...

*     *     *

Enough was enough
a long time ago, but now
she gets it at last


morganna said...

Running here, there, and
Underneath, I am ready to
Never come back here.

Quick, quick! I need this,
I need that! What if Mama
Needs a break right now?

Greg said...

@Morganna: I'm not sure if you're talking about children or insects in your first haiku but either way I agree with your last line! I think I prefer your first today precisely because of that :)

@Marc: Perhaps if you gave Max a shotgun and a puppy so he felt more like a real farmer he'd be better at scarecrow duty? Just a thought... ;-) And I'm looking forward to the pictures -- we get them after the picture of the deer-gate, right?
I think I prefer your first haiku today, though the two work very well together, in a slightly sinister way. Still, your characters have a habit of single-mindedness I very much enjoy :)

[Lots of extra comments around this today; Postsecret is linked; have a look and you'll understand the first haiku :) ]

Running away
When you run away
I secretly hope you won't
come back. #Postsecret

You call that running?
The cat ran away better --
Have another go.

[Bonus effort: think of this a country music song opener:
"You left me once, you left me twice,
You left three times or maybe more;
To stop you runnin' off, boy,
I've nailed your left foot to the floor,

Marc said...

Morganna - your second haiku hits very close to home these days, so I'm going with that one as my favorite this week :)

Greg - bah, screw the stupid deer fence :P

Ah, post secret - I had quite forgotten that existed. Thank you for the reminder, and the perfectly suited haiku that goes with it!

And thanks, I think, for that bonus effort :D