Tuesday August 2nd, 2016

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: ducks.

Local orders are definitely slowing down, as I only needed to pick 6 pints of blackberries this morning. At least there were lots of nectarines and peaches ordered, despite only four customers putting in orders, so it was still a decent total.

I suspect the end is nigh, though, on this year's Tuesday pickups.


Swimming in circles,
quacking with their friends; they have
a good life, I think

*     *     *

I am not happy
with how closely they watch me
eat my sandwiches...


morganna said...

Here comes mama duck
With tiny balls of brown fluff
Trying not to trip.

Little ducklings are
So sweet -- don't watch them made, or
The magic disappears.

Greg said...

@Morganna: I can picture the first haiku nicely and... well, I'm trying not to picture the second haiku. Very nice juxtaposition, and a very nice take on the title.

@Marc: Since I think of August at being at the start of autumn and harvest it seems slightly odd that you're reaching the end of the pick-up orders, but I guess you're mostly talking about soft fruit which makes sense.
I like your second haiku better today, because my experience with ducks is that they do exactly that and are quite happy to mob you to get food, or even steal it if they think you're not looking.

She called him "Ducks", like
it was the 1930s.
He still shot her though.

My cricket team are
"The Fowlers". We can't bowl, and
We bat for nothing.

[Just in case: being out for a duck in cricket means scoring nothing when in to bat.]

Marc said...

Morganna - love the image in your first. Like Greg, not thinking too hard about the image of the second. Excellent work overall :)

Greg - impressive incorporation of a year in a haiku in your first. Plus I like the sound of somebody being called 'Ducks', so that's my favorite for this week :)