Tuesday August 16th, 2016

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: the extrovert.

Because I actually remembered to follow up last Tuesday's post.

We've arrived safe and sound in Vancouver. Had a pretty smooth trip, all things considered. Left Osoyoos around 10 this morning, got here around 4. So it took a while - thanks in large part to a 1.5 hour lunch break at Manning Park - but there were no major issues en route.

Really looking forward to the aquarium tomorrow morning. I think Max is going to love it.

Oh, also: no scheduled posts. I have enough trouble just getting one post done per day. Thankfully I've got internet access here, so there should be no trouble getting something posted tomorrow as well.


Dance like everyone
is watching me? They damned well
better be watching.

*     *     *

A crowded party
with a mic in his hand? He's
in his element.


Greg said...

I am woefully behind on posts, and going backwards as well, but I think you did a pretty good job of getting your daily posts up. Which, given how much you seemed to do on your holiday, is pretty impressive -- well done!
I think I prefer your first haiku today, as I can handle the first one better than the second. If you can get me to dance (which rarely happens) then my introverted self hides and leaves the rest of me to get on with demanding to be the centre of attention. For dancing so badly people have to stare and point.

The extrovert
Energy vampire -
He thrives on our attention
And burns like the sun.

I think I was wrong:
Bank robber is not the right
job for extroverts

Marc said...

Greg - I now need to see you dance. Next time you come visit I am taking you dancing.

That is all.

Oh, right, your haiku. Hmm, a favorite for this week? I'm going with your first, as I really like your first two lines and that final line is the best part.